Jasmine Jones

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Jasmine enjoyed music from the moment of birth.  Mother (Jacqueline Jones) says, "When I was pregnant with Jasmine, we would play music and Jasmine would kick to the beat."
Jasmine's mother has been a professional actress all of Jasmine's life, so Jasmine spent a lot of her younger years going to rehearsals and being around all sorts of performing arts including musicals.  Jasmine developed a love for music, and soon started creating her own music.
At the shy age of 7, Jasmine started writing bits and pieces of "You Opened My Eyes" and by age 8, Jasmine had completed her first song. 
Homeschooled her whole life, Jasmine acted in several homeschool plays, and eventually went on to act along side her mother in a professional production of Carousel.
Around age 10, Jasmine competed at a local singing competition in hopes of winning a chance to make a CD with Disney. After ranking as a semifinalist, Jasmine was even more determined to succeed in the music industry.  Later, Jasmine learned losing was for the better.
In 2004, 12 year old Jasmine met her collaborator Paul Deiss.  Jasmine sent him the songs she had written/composed over the years, and then Paul made accompaniments on his synthesizer.  After that, Jasmine critiqued the accompaniments. And then Jasmine recorded the songs at Paul's studio.
For seven months after Hurricane Katrina in 2005,  Jasmine donated 100% of her CDbaby profits directly to the American Red Cross to help victims of the hurricane. Together, with your help, CDbaby artists & CDbaby were able to raise and donate a total of $205,060.
Now, at the age of 14, Jasmine is working on additional goals as well as her music career.  Jasmine is taking classes at a Community Collage, developing WebsHelp ~ a website specifically for freewebs users, and also developing:
~ Photo editing and enhancement site. We can: retouch, enhance, filter, crop, combine photos, colorize, restore, remove red eye, and more!